May 03, 2024

JOSH Timonen was a close associate of atheist Professor Richard Dawkins, and travelled with him around the world. Having read Dawkins’ books he was fueled with a passion for atheism. He helped launch Dawkins’ website, designed his logos and filmed many of his videos. In his popular book The God Delusion, Prof. Dawkins mentioned Timonen and thanked him for his work. Josh’s name can be seen in many of Dawkins’ works, both print and video. Dawkins even dedicated his book The Greatest Show on Earth to Timonen.

Yet now, Josh (above) has rejected atheism and turned to Jesus Christ. In interviews for Living Waters and the Institute for Creation Research* he explains how it happened. He began to ask questions during the coronavirus pandemic, when some of his friends in Oregon, USA were defending looting and rioting. He was shocked by “their acceptance of evil.” Although still an atheist who didn’t even believe that Jesus Christ existed, Josh and his family began to attend a church. He said he wanted some of the social benefits of religion, including "community and the nice people." Initially, he had no intention of believing what he called “the crazy stuff in the Bible”, but he began to read the New Testament. He then read The Case for Christ by former atheist Lee Strobel, which he describes as “a major turning point.” He had to deal with the fact that “Jesus was real. … Jesus actually lived, He actually died, and He actually rose." Josh became a committed Christian and creationist, and developed a hunger for Christian apologetics. He admits he doesn’t have an answer to every atheist objection to Christianity but says, "I accept Jesus is who He says He is." Josh’s testimony reflects what Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 5: 17. Josh (below) is now “a new creation.”

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PROFESSOR Andy McIntosh spoke in the United States from 3rd-11th November. At three meetings in the Chicago area he spoke on “The Wonder of the Human Voice”. The meetings were arranged by the Mid-West Creation Fellowship. On the Sunday morning at Quentin Road Baptist Church near Lake Zurich, Illinois, Andy spoke on “The Wonder of Migration” and “Why Creation is important Theologically.” In the evening he spoke on “The Wonder of Hearing.” These talks can be viewed on
On the Tuesday, Andy did an interview on the InGrace TV programme. He then came home for two weeks, during which he spoke to Parbold Young Life, urging the young Christians to keep Christ central in all things, to stand firm in their faith, and be ready for the return of Christ. Andy then returned to the US to work with some students at Liberty University in Virginia.


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