October 17, 2010

IT would seem obvious that anyone who wished to state an opinion on any subject, especially if they intended to be critical, should make every effort to get informed about the subject first. Unfortunately, we have discovered all too often that those who criticise and ridicule the creationist view of origins are woefully uninformed.


Is it because they just can’t be bothered to find out what creationists actually believe? Even many theistic evolutionists are guilty of this, and they really should know better.

Here are a just a few of the erroneous claims that people have made about creationists: We reject science. We don’t believe in fossils. We don’t believe in dinosaurs. We reject natural selection. We believe that God created everything just as we see it today. Now, none of these statements are true, in fact they are absurd, and if those who made them had taken the trouble to read a creationist book, or visit one of the many excellent creation websites, they would soon have discovered this. Maybe it’s easier to make sweeping claims that make those who hold another opinion look silly than to check out the facts. The amount of information and resource material now available is so immense that there is no excuse for anyone to be uninformed or ignorant.


 The creationist case is backed up by a large body of scientific research, and there is a huge range of excellent DVDs and books. Surveys have shown that, in spite of the constant promotion of evolution by the popular media, almost half the population is still unconvinced by Darwinism. These people need to be made aware of the resources available. Sadly many church leaders and theologians continue to cling to evolution. We pray they will wake up to the fact that the many people who have doubts about evolution are a mission field, waiting to be shown that believing in the Bible is rational. If we are properly informed, we can “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give a reason for the hope you have.” (1 Peter 3: 15)

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