CRT has produced an original nine-part “Powerpoint” Creation Course on a CD-ROM. Each session lasts 35-45 minutes, and is suitable for use in house groups or larger gatherings. Using good quality graphics and photographs, it has been produced with lay people in mind. An accompanying script in Word doc. format is included. The nine sessions are detailed below:

  1. Interpreting Genesis Comparing and contrasting the different views, e.g. “day-age” theory, “gap” theory, etc..

2.. What does Genesis teach? Biblical “kinds” and Darwin’s theories. Natural selection and variation.

  1. Information and complexity Evidence for intelligent design; explaining apparent “bad design”.
  2. The message of the fossils Missing links; the evolution and creation models compared.
  3. Dinosaurs and dragons What can we learn from fossils and historical records?
  4. How old is the earth? A critical look at the facts and fallacies of dating methods and the assumptions involved.
  5. From Adam or ape? A look at popular “ape-man” theories. Why the Biblical view fits the facts.
  6. Is there alien life? How the search for E.T. is based on evolution. Why life can’t come from non-life.
  7. The Bible and astronomy What do we really know about the universe and its origin? What about the “big bang”?


Price: £9.00

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