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Is It True? Evidence For The Bible


Author: Rev Brian Edwards & Clive Anderson

Price: £ 1.00

The Bible is full of people, places and events that are set at real points in history.

Gay Marriage: Right Or Wrong


Price: £ 2.00

Gay marriage is one of the biggest social issues debated today.

The Delusion of Evolution (6th Edition)


Author: Various

Price: £ 3.50

The Delusion of Evolution is a high-quality, 68-page, magazine-style booklet

Wonders of Creation: Design In A Fallen World


Author: Profs Andy McIntosh & Stuart Burgess

Price: £ 20.00

Our universe is full of complex beauty, order and design.

Evolution and the Christian Faith


Author: Philip Bell

Price: £ 10.00

This book assesses theistic evolution against the backdrop of all major Christian doctrines

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