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AS 2011 is CRT’s 30th anniversary year it may be of interest to give an account of how this ministry began.  It’s a long story,  so I can only give a brief outline. It really began in my childhood with godly, Bible-believing parents, and at the age of eleven I made a commitment to Jesus Christ. I don’t remember being taught about evolution at Junior School, but at Secondary School I remember being told that we had evolved from apes.


When I went home and told my parents, they insisted this was not true, and that we had descended from Adam and Eve, just as the Bible said. Although they knew little about any scientific arguments, I respected what they said and have never believed in evolution. Many years later I wrote an article critical of evolution in our local church magazine. This was read by a visitor, who put me in touch with a scientist who was opposed to evolution — Dr Monty White.

 In 1978 my wife Liz and I attended a large creation conference at Westminster Central Hall, organised by the late David C C Watson. The following year Dr Monty White spoke to a packed audience at our church. I was greatly enthused and had a strong desire to share the things I had heard. Following this, a small group of us got together and organised several public events at Yeovil College. This led to the formation of the Somerset Creationist Group. I wrote letters to local church contacts, and received encouraging support. Our inaugural meeting was held on 25th September 1981 at West Camel Methodist Church.  A mailing list was compiled, and typed and photocopied quarterly newsletters were mailed out. I put a collection of slides together and in the first year did 11 presentations in local churches and fellowships. We set up a lending library of tapes and slides, with videos added later.  We also offered books and videos by mail order. In 1984 CRT joined the Evangelical Alliance, and in 1985 we launched our children’s creation paper Our World.


 In 1989 our committee decided to change our name to the Creation Resources Trust. Also in 1989 our newsletter became Creation Update, and we launched Original View, our paper for teens and older. We also produced fact-sheets and creation-based evangelistic leaflets.  In 1992 CRT applied for, and was granted, charitable status. I resigned as a Trustee and became a full-time employee of CRT. Our Trustees meet quarterly to pray about our ministry and discuss our strategy, and I greatly value their support and encouragement.

  Over the years I have travelled widely in the British Isles, speaking at meetings and conferences, including visits to Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Guernsey, often sharing with speakers from other creation organisations, with which we have an excellent relationship. We organised a number of all-age “Creation Days”. The first one at Street in Somerset in 1993 attracted 370 people. Now that the U.K. creationist movement has grown, and there are more active speakers, we have fewer meetings than we did, but still go where invited. “Powerpoint” has replaced slides and overhead projection. We publish a quarterly Prayer Diary detailing all the creation events we know about. These also appear on our website.


After 17 years working from one room of our house, a generous legacy enabled us to convert our garage into a two-storey unit comprising an office and store. On 28th March 1998 this was opened by Dr Monty White and dedicated by our local Methodist minister, the Rev Robert Channon. These premises have been a great blessing, enabling the ministry run more efficiently, with storage space for books, literature, DVDs and other resources.  All our literature is designed on the premises. Originally it was literally “cut-and-paste”, but now everything is prepared on a computer, with files emailed direct to the printers. Several years ago we decided that all our publications should be supplied on a donation basis, and  our literature is reaching more people as a result. We don’t make financial appeals, but are grateful to all who support us, and enable us to mail resources regularly to more than 30 countries.


 I am more convinced than ever that evolution is a deception which has blinded millions, and seriously undermined Christianity. My prayer is that the Church in general will  recognise this, and finish with the dangerous compromise of “theistic evolution.” But truth will triumph in the end! “God tells the truth, even if everyone else is a liar.” (Romans 3: 4. CEV).

It’s a Long Story! By Geoff Chapman EDITORIAL Spring 2011